“Anas ibn Malik reported: The Messenger of Allah, peace and blessings be upon him, said, Seeking knowledge is an obligation upon every Muslim.” (Ibn Majah)





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“The madrasah not only brings our children benefits in relation to the hereafter, it also provides them goodness in this world. Parents too, receive worldly gain: a child that spent its time well at madrasah will become a means of comfort and joy for its parents. The madrasah is a boon for the country as well because it produces good citizens, regardless of whether it operates in an Islamic country or a secular state.” 

(Madrasah: an asset for us all, Shaykh-ul-Hadith, Hadrat Mawlana Muhammad Saleem Dhorat hafizahullah)

One of the fundamental aims of Al-Hidayah Foundation is to equip young people with the basics and essentials of their religion. To achieve this a Maktab (evening Madrasah) was initiated for children aged 4+ (school year reception +), operating  Monday to Friday, wherein children are taught Qur’an alongside many other subjects including Aqidah, History, Fiqh and Duas, with a key focus on Tarbiyyah (the nurturing and upbringing) of the child in aspects of their religious and moral development. 

At present the timings for Madrasah-Al-Hidayah is as follows;

1.     4:45 pm – 6:15 pm

2.     5:45 pm – 7:30 pm 

For more information or to enroll your child on the Maktab please call on 

0779 4837 439

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The parents of a Hafidh will be given a crown to wear which will be brighter than the sun. (Al-hadith)

A Hafidh will be able to grant ten people entry into Jannah on whom Jahannam has become their place. (Al-hadith)



What is Hifdh and who is a Hafidh?

‘Hifdh’ means to memorise. And when used in relation to the Glourious Qur’an it means to commit to memory the verses of the Glorious Qur’an which are over 6,000 in number. A person who has achieved such a task is honoured with the title ‘Hafidh’. The Hafidh is an important person in the Muslim community as he plays a role in the preservation of the Qur’ān. the virtue for a Hafidh  in the Ahadeeth is great, which can be understood from the above.

Alhamdulillah Madrasah al Hidayah has a Hifdh class operating. This course is designed to cater for each individual student according to his capabilities and potential, with an emphasis on the importance of Tajwīd (Qur’ānic Phonetics / Intonation) and rules of recitation. The syllabus has been prepared in a manner that will enable a student to memorise the entire Qur’ān (approximately over 6,000 verses) and retain it. Alongside the Hifdh, a lot of emphasis and training is given on spiritual and moral development, to ensure these children who will graduate as Huffadh will have the qualities and characteristics expected from a Hafidh.

For more information or to enroll your child on the Hifdh course please call on

 0779 4837 439

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Islam encourages acquisition of Knowledge so as to enable an individual to develop an understanding regarding the expectations from the creator. Verses of the Glourious Quran and statements of our Beloved Prophet Muhammad s are replete with virtues of striving for and acquiring Knowledge.


FE (Further Education) course has been designed to cater for the needs of teenagers 14 + who due to school commitments are not able to fully commit to the 5 day Madrasah syllabus, however they wish to enhance their Islamic knowledge of Islam.

In this course, many aspects of religious and moral life that every Muslim is required to know are discussed in a caring and nurturing environment. It also grants the opportunity to refresh past studies




1. Recitation of the Quran with Tajweed (correct pronunciation)

2. Tafseer of the Quran (Commentary of Holy Quran)

3. Uswai Rasool s Ways of the Prophet s

4. Fiqh (Islamic jurisprudence)

5. Seerah (Life of Prophet Muhammed s)

6. Islamic Social Conduct & Manners.

Enrolment & Timings



Those wishing to admit their child in the FE class are requested to download an application form or collect an application form Al – Hidayah foundation and hand in as soon as possible.

Only completed submitted application forms will be assessed.



Admission fees £10.00

£50.00 per term (school term) £150 for total academic year


Class Timings

Every Monday – Thursday

Boys:- 7:00 pm to 8:15 pm 

Girls:- 6:30 pm to 7:45 pm

For more information or to enroll your child on the Further education course please call on 

0779 4837 439

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Salaah is the most important command, and act of worship ordained by Allah Ta’la, and for it, the recitation of the Holy Quran has been a requisite, without which, Salaah remains incomplete. Consequently, it becomes a compulsory upon us to educate ourselves with the rules & regulations of the correct recitation of the Holy Quran. The verse below instructs us to recite the Holy Quran, but it also emphasises the manner of how it should be recited (slowly, clearly, segregation of every letter from the next). This can not be achieved without adhering strictly to the rules of Tajweed.

“And recite the Quran in open and clear measures” (Al-Quran)

Overview of Course Levels


Level 1 (Back to basic)

This level is the foundation level. No previous background of the arabic alphabet, those who learnt a long time ago. Unable to recite the Quran e Kareem.

This level goes through all the letters with the correct makharij (pronunciation) Starting from “Ahsanul Qawaid”.


Level 2

This is the intermediate level. Those who are able to recite the Quran e Kareem, but not in the correct manner. Unaware of the tajweed rules (Ikhfa, Ghunna, Idghaam etc) & Makharij of letters (correct pronunciation of letters)

Tajweed rules and Makharij will be taught & explained.


Level 3

This level has been devised to fully understand the rules of tajweed. Upon completion of learning and understanding of rules. Ijra (spelling out the tajweed rules) of the last 20 surahs of the Quran e Kareem. This will help in fully understanding and notifying which rules applies where.


Level 4

Final level. Recitation of Juz Amma and various Surah of the Quran e Kareem. By the end of this level, one should be fully capable of reciting the Quran e Kareem correctly and fully understanding & implementing the rules of tajweed.


Sisters: Tuesdays Mornings (Term time only)

Brothers: Monday evenings


Alongside the great benefits, virtues & rewards achievable by reciting the Holy Quran according to these rules. The Holy Prophet (SAW) has also warned those who recite the Holy Quran, but neglect reciting in the correct manner according to the correct pronunciation (makharij) of letters & rules of Tajweed.

 “There maybe many who read the Quran, for whom the Quran curse” (Al Hadith)

Keeping the above narrations in mind the tajweed class has been devised to suit all backgrounds. Whether your a complete beginner or just need a quick recap on the rules.  Register your interest today and take your first step to rectify your Quran.



For more information or to enroll yourself on the Adult Tajweed  course please call on 

0779 4837 439

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Islam encourages the acquisition of knowledge, to enable an individual to develop an understanding regarding the expectations from the creator. Verses of the Glorious Quran and statements of our Beloved Prophet Muhammad are replete with virtues for striving and acquiring knowledge.

  • Do you know your basic masāil of deen?

  • Have you left Madrasah a long time ago?

  • Have you forgotten any aspects of Islām?

  • New to Islām? Want to learn the basics of fiqh?

  • Do you feel your knowledge about fiqh is not enough?

  • Would you like to study the fiqh of Tahārah (purity), Salaah, Sawm (fasting) and Zakat.










Then the Termly Fiqh Class is for you.

A simple yet intensive course to cater for the needs of our sisters who would like to learn about the basic fundamental aspects of Islām, or to reinforce current learning and expand their knowledge, keeping in mind their daily commitments.

The Termly fiqh class will discuss one/two aspects every term. Sisters can choose according to their convenience which to attend, all in a caring, nurturing, classroom environment.





January –March

Taharah (Purity)

·      Cleanliness

·      Wudhu

·      Ghusl

·      Menstruation masāil


April – July

Sawm (fasting) & Zakat

·      Conditions of fasting

·      Actions that break the fast

·      When is it impermissible to fast.

·      When does zakat become compulsory?

·      Who can we give zakat to?


September – December


·      Conditions of salaah

·      Actions that invalidate salaah

·      Salaah when travelling

·      Practical salaah.


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